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  • Corey and Dave Svoboda

Freedom Brothers Pizzeria &
Alehouse Plainfield

About us

After spending decades honing their skills in the restaurant, bar, and beverage industries, Naperville residents and brothers Corey and Dave Svoboda have embarked on a new journey, translating their wealth of experience into their own unique venture.

In March of 2017, the Svobodas realized their dream by opening Freedom Brothers Pizzeria & Alehouse in Plainfield. The name "Svoboda" carries the meaning of freedom in Slavic languages, and this establishment reflects the brothers' creative freedom, drawing inspiration from their family's legacy. Their ancestors had proudly operated Svoboda's Nickelodeon Tavern in Chicago Heights for an impressive 80 years.

This is not a sports bar, however sports will be on a few of the many TV's. The diners will be entertained by their favorite rock legends such as AC/DC and Foo Fighters performing at concerts on the remaining screens. It will be a little louder than most restaurants but this isn't just any old restaurant. When was the last time you went to a quiet rock concert?

Freedom Brothers features 23 beers on tap, with a large portion from local breweries, a huge whiskey list with well over 200 whiskeys, an amazing wine list and craft cocktails created by the staff.

The establishment boasts an impressive lineup, featuring 23 beers on tap, a substantial portion of which is sourced from local breweries. The extensive whiskey collection boasts over 200 varieties, complemented by an outstanding wine list and craft cocktails crafted by the skilled staff.

At Freedom Brothers, the commitment is clear—to deliver an unforgettable dining experience marked by exceptional service, the freshest food, and a celebration of craft beer, all set against the backdrop of the greatest rock and roll hits. The Svobodas invite you to savor their passions: pizza, beer, whiskey, and the timeless rhythm of rock and roll.